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5 Year Plan


In 5 years i’ll be 30. What do i need to have accomplished by 30? Where in life do i want to be at 30? 30 is the gateway to the rest of your life.


By 30 i need to have found my groove. finding that groove in life lets you really get the most out of your investment of time and energy and in my mind is the fountain head of high reward for your internal and external goals. ok. So where is my groove? what is my record?

Lets start with the present. Currently, unemployed; sources of income, negligible. Ground Level we are at. I’m applying to be a substitute teacher with my sights on acquiring a full time position. I would also like to take the GRE with enough time to make some fall graduate school deadlines (april 1st)…

Yeah definitely, i want to do a program in Educational Technology or Learning Systems Design. I’m really interested in designing computer lessons. I need to take the things that i teach people now and put it into lessons and courses. I definitely have a photoshop course, a few lessons i give until the student figures out where they want to take the lessons. Same thing with the google suite of applications, start with gmail, go through and show them all the interesting and interlocking pieces of the google-verse.

I digress. I’ll go anywhere for grad school but i have my eye on UMBC but Howard and/or UMD would also be choices if i could get in. But i have to take the GRE’s, i have to get a job i have to get a schedule.

I look forward to subbing because i’ll be able to craft a regular routine which means i could start cycling again if i wanted to. i dunno cycling burns at the heart of me, i miss the cycling community in all of it’s different sub-genres and gear heads. i digress? no because at 30 i want to be cycling, i’ll never give up skating but cycling especially being able to live your life on a bike instead of in a car adds so much Life and Quality to my Quality of Life.

At 30 i want to bean entrpreneur, i’ll work for someone if i really want to, on a project or environment that is compelling. But mainly i’ll be on top of my businesses, a non profit organization that teaches digital literacy to kids and provides space for creatives to be just that, fly.paper and consulting for other people and organizations who have needs to create learning systems and learning organizations.

By getting my masters i’m looking for the framework to be able to create lessons and courses from the things i find myself teaching already as well as new topics and things i don’t necessarily know of my own volition.

At 30 i want to be able to create whole websites with the ease that i create graphics now. I want to have some more functional knowledge of java and flash.

Is that too much for a 5 year window?
I’ve got some good ideas and the will to make them work.

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