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Fight Club


“Our Fathers were our models for god, if our fathers bailed on us what does that tell you about God? Have you ever considered the possibility that God never liked you?”

I like myself

Fight Club is a modern classic; when i was in high school some kids had their own little version of a fight club in The Paragon, this nerdy dungeons and dragons store at midnight. Pads and sparring helmets and shit, a range of high school kids from freshman to seniors lined up to spar untill dawn.But ten years later what is fight club telling us?

The movie is challenges us to re-think the things in our lives that are “given”, “for granted” and “par for the course”. Fight Club implores us to step out of our everyday routines and do what scares you the most, to do what is least likely of “you”. Fight club shows us you can, at any time what-so-ever choose who you would like to be, choose what is important to you and it’s your prerogative to change, mutate and rearrange those priorities as no one but yourself sees fit.

Personally i feel like Tyler Durden is speaking to my feelings of mediocrity. He’s Telling me to take solace in those feelings that your existance is but a middling one and use that as impetus to be free. Who cares?!? Tyler would exclaim in your face.

Whats one thing you wish you accomplished in your life?
one thing. right now.
not some rambling oh this oh that laden with excuses and hyperbole. Say that one thing, mean it and before you die do it.

Fight Club isn’t just about a man regaining his masculinity from society and (being stark-raving-mad throughout process). It’s about humans regaining their humanity. It’s about stepping away from that which is dehumanizing and communing with yourself and reaching out to other people to form communities; embracing your fellow man as humans and not just a collection of skinny jeans, punky gelled coifs, name brand shoes and pop culture references.

Fight Club warns us against the cult of consumerism, the cult of celebrity and technology to look through all of those things and see the nature of people, of humans, of human nature.

“My favorite part of this video is Tylers speech that starts at 3:30…Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs so we can buy shit we dont need….. our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives… we were all raised on television to believe that we would be millionaires and movie gods and rockstars.. but we wont, we are slowly learning that fact, and we are pissed off” incredible quote…

Not that i am saying Fight Club is excessively deep or philosophical, but it struck a nerve after reading the November/December issue of Adbusters in which this little excerpt was nestled.

Adbusters Nov/Dec 2009


It has come to light that the recession isn’t a recession at all but a he-cession. What this means is that the vast majority (80%) of people sitting at home perusing Craigslist for free shit are and looking for work are men.
This comes at a time when men have become increasingly metrosexualized by the beauty and fashion industries – a cultural trend that has drained the macho out of the man and left him [as] little more than a well manicured consumer of trendy products and expensive haircuts. The chest hair is in the toilet.
While the death of the macho, chauvinistic man’s man will largely be seen as a positive development, a population of men sucked dry of their masculinity leads us to quite a peculiar situation. Once thre hair gel has settled and the ultimate gender shift finally takes place – women controlling not only reproduction but the economy as well – what purpose will modern man have other than to pluck his eyebrows, look pretty and make sure his bread-winning girlfriend is satisfied at all times?
This will be the existential dilemma of our times. Men will become little more than waxed and hairless [fetish] objects – sentient dildos for the Sex in the City set to play with in their spare time. Years ago when the word “manliness” might have meant something, men could have escaped into the woods, hunting game and building a home by felling giant firs. But with masculinity sacrificed for beauty and convenience, the man of the future will be left on the sofa to ponder the relevance of his Y chromosome, with sports taking the place of soap operas on the daytime television schedule

We are a generation of men raised by our mothers…
What does this mean?

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