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Dell Mini Computer


Have you seen the Dell Inspiron Zino HD (Don’t say it at all if you ‘ain’t gonna say the HD)?

Dell Inspiron Zino HD - shake dat laffy taffy.

It looks like dell is making a direct affront on Apple’s Mac Mini market (kinda) with it’s own Zino HD. The mini is smaller and more powerful, but the lower end Zino starts at $229 to the mini’s $599. The Zino has a Dual core AMD Athlon neo that starts at 1.5 ghz. Netbooks have proven, to me and the computer industry their place, for a slick, no frills low power computer and it’s definitely in the hands of consumers. The netbook craze along with the quality of windows 7, i almost hate to say it, is starting to resurge my belief in the pc market and their cheap hardware.

In the age of netbook we are learning to compute with less power, most of the heaviest computing we think we are doing happens on servers and our own integrated (not even dicrete) graphics. The Zino is perfect for bringing your digitized content and internet experience to your sofa, cheaply, in true netizen fashion.
Who likes Booty Shots?

You can customize the Zino up to 8GB of Ram and put a discrete grahics card in there and forget about wireless; thats how my test configuration worked, but you can add wireless for $30 and a bunch of other crappy dell stuff. They also offer a usb TV tuner for $80, although i would undoubtedly hook this up to a good sized TV and my wireless router and go to WORK.

The Zino obviously, is a perfect Media Center PC with it’s HDMI port staring you dead in the eye. What i would do is this; Start with a decent sized tv, anywhere from 37 to 47 i don’t need anything ridiculous. Hook the Zino up to the tv and plug it direcly into a wireless router. Now it’s fun time. You can slap some USB or ESATA hard drives to the zino if you didn’t opt up for internal storage to a Terabyte, But i already have external hard drives…

I also like external drives because they will be doing all the work and producing lots of heat they will be away from the cpu and case altogether. Heat is a big issue for computer with small cases, and the Zino has a big graphics card will also add to this box’s heat problems.

Now you have plenty of space, make sure you share it on the zino either through homegroups in windows 7, or just enable file sharing on the directories you want to share with people on your network, in control panel. I’d stick to sharing the external drives just so people can’t fart around on your computer directly. You can also restrict sharing on your external drives to certain users and groups of users. I usually tell everyone they can only read and all of my computers can read and write on the drives and/or the rest of the computer.

Now you can invite people over with their laptops and share files over your network, watch movies on your big screen tv sitting in front of the couch or on your laptop in your room, all from your new Zino HD. Ideally i would have one in my living room, office and bedroom, they’d make a really stylish home network or even some decent brains for an interactive art piece (I don’t even know what interactive art is, psh)

Zino HD
Zino HD

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