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The Great Skate Community


At the Aberdeen (skate) park on friday this guy i see on a regular basis was telling me about the westminster skatepark. He’s like one of three bikers that come and tell me about these hidden gems they find.

So westminster looked super fun from the pics he snapped on his phone and i looked it up. It turns out the Westminster Park was designed on google sketch up by the “Skater Dads” and kids, skate community style. THEN the dept of parks and rec who had $130,000 was quoted for upwards of $300,000 for the improvements they wanted to make to the park (basically building a new park) so the city of westminster enlisted the help of high school students.

Basically the same kids that would be using the park built the park. Students from the trade high school out there in the carpentry, machining and even fashion programs contributed more than a little bit and enabled the city to build the park the skaters designed within the parks budget.

Please watch the video, i have seen A LOT of videos about skateparks and the process of building and this is a GREAT one. Not too cheezy, just a little bit, but really inspiring how everyone came together.

the video is 18 minutes

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