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Steer This Ship


The republican party is in the midst of a bit of a theatrical resurgence. They are emboldened by the senate race in Massachusetts as well as the ruse of Campaign Finance ruling by the Supreme Court which allows corporations to make unlimited donations to candidates, directly.

Wow. Who thought that was a good idea, figuring that only 6 countries in the world make more than the top 9 multinational corporations. And thats not even counting strictly american companies. This now turns elections into an open market for companies to give money directly to candidates AND to special intrest groups to run those annoying as hell, and very negative spook ads, call your house even more than generally scare you shitless into voting.

Spending more on your campaign is a time test way of winning, but why do we think that corporations are enabled to the same type of representations as individuals? It’s not the job of the first amendment to protect the bank statements of companies and it’s insane to think more money = more righteous.

The GOP is the master of hollow hyperbole and theatrics and they are using their acting chops to stall Obama like it’s their manifest destiny. The GOP’s plan is to emasculate Obama, stall all of the democratic legislation and then do nothing… They have no plan except to slowly deconstruct the government and by proxy the economy and by proxy, this entire country itself; and the democrats, as issue focused as they may be are letting the GOP have their way.

The republicans were on the ropes all through 2009 and this Mass. senator thing was allowed to turn into some kind of symbolic win the the Repubs even though the Dems have an 18 seat majority in the Senate.

The democrats never address the republican’s scare tactics and theatrics; our government looks like an adult trying to reason with a screaming snotty-nosed 9 year old in a Disney store. There is no imparting sense or pragmatism to them. During the Bush years the democrats played nice, even rolled over for the republicans like they were trying to prove to their wives chivalry was, infact, not dead.

It is almost unthinkable how impotent the Dems are to the GOP’s populism. In 2008 the democrats were riding the wave of popular opinion only to cede it to the Repubs over the first year of Obamas term.

Obama has yet to come out and really scathe the republicans, which is very unlikely but we can all wish. He needs to come out and reassure the waiting masses. We need Obama t deliver a vision for us to walk into 2010 with. We have had him addressing all these singular issues like the underwear bomber and haiti but we need him back in the oval office, at the helm of the ship cool, calm and confident.

Good Analysis on Mother Jones (Grow a Pair democrats)

See Sen. John Conryns (R. Tex) statements about the Campaign Finance Ruling.

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