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The Apple iPad: iwantone… eventually.



Although i am a tech nerd, i am a cautious early adopter. Never to be the first to have something, i will be the first to make it my own. I worked for apple for nearly two years and resisted buying an iphone, then early last summer a client of mine gave me one for free, so i unlocked it put it on tmobile and called it a day. I have to make sure that whatever technology i am about to drop $500 on is adequately flexible for my expansive and ever changing needs.

Which brings us to the iPad. Which is a very exciting device that has a LOT of potential, but as it was demoed this past wednesday is not very useful to me in it’s current incarnation. Lots of people are crying it’s lack of webcam (or two) and microphone, no flash capability and i’ve even seen some posts where people want it to have a trackpad. (the whole thing is a track pad you idiots).

I can see how the iPad can be a really cool and useful device especially for parents/children with the plethora of education and kids games available in the itunes app store and the surprising number of parents who put these games on their phones to occupy their small children in the grocery store or dinner in a restaurant.

The one gripe i have is a simple but expansive one; it does not run OS X. The iPad has been accurately labeled as a “big iphone”. It runs the same iphone operating system. If i am going to pay $599 for an ipad i need it to run a FULL version of Apple’s operating system, OS X.

The ability to run iwork, Apple’s productivity software is a plus. But if i bought and ipad it would be for a few select things.

1 ) remote control for my imac – all apple computer come with screen sharing technology so that you can share screens, work collaboratively control remote computer. think about when you call tech support and they take over your computer and control the mouse. My iphone has some remote capability with itunes only, if the iPAd could expand this to control the entire screen i’d be ECSTATIC. And would enable apple to take a step closer towards creating a media center PC setup.

2) diagnostic tool – My side business is fixing computers, i’d love it if i could use the slate to accomplish some of the work on do on my windows 7 netbook at my clients’ house/business on the iPad

3) everything else – Mac OS X is beautiful and functional although not touch enabled there is the ModBook which is a 3rd party modified Macbook that is touch screen enabled although it it meant for a stylus and not a finger. I find OS X much more friendly to multitasking, running multiple instances and programs much smoother and more accessible than other operating systems i’ve used; multi-tasking will be very limited as it is on the iphone. There are workarounds for that issue on the iphone which will probably be applicable to the iPad, but i want it built in.

the hands on steve jobs himself

I am excited for the jailbreakers and hackers to get a hold of the iPAd so we can see if the a4 chip will allow full OS X to be installed on the device. The a4 is being touted as a System on a Chip which means it’s mod-ability may be liimited and could have some hardcore DRM protective hardware in it that won’t let you run anything that apple does not deem “in play” for it’s device. It could be the unhackable device that iphone aficionados have been predicting for some time now with each iteration of the iphone software.

We will have to see some april what the Apple iPad has in store for us. You will probably buy one before me anyways. Sound off and let us know what you think about the iPad, would you get one? How do you like your current Apple products? What do you use your iphone for and that would you use your iPad for?

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  1. 01/31/2010 21:30

    I am in complete agreement with you. Especially about not be able to run OS X.

    • 01/31/2010 22:14

      Yeah thats the deal breaker for me. In all the hype 90% of the 3d “What is is gonna look like” renders showed it with OS X which got me excited. I hope that is the first milestone with this thing, putting Leopard or SnowLeopard on it.

      I don’t know if i can wait 2 or 3 generations to get one.. But i was resolute on the iphone, i wasn’t gonna get one untill i could get it for free. Which implied Free from AT&T but i got one free anyways.

      John do you have an iphone?

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