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The Death of Imeem



Since myspace music killed imeem for no good reason i have been at a loss. Not only was imeem a thousand times better than myspace music, myspace didn’t even acquire any features from imeem. Sad. Imeem was great because of course everyone uploaded copywritten songs so you could find a lot of good real music but they encouraged you to upload your own music which was the core function of imeem.

It has a really lightweight interface that did not make you go to an artists’ whole page but you could hear individual songs in a radio kind of flow; imeem would play music similar to what you were listening to and refresh the page after each song. Something myspace music omitted. Not to mention embedding the uploaded music and playlists. On myspace they are stuck on the artist page or managed through their crappy playlist program. Which means i can’t embed my music on my blog i have to send you to my artist page to even hear it. ugh

And am i an idiot or what but on my myspace music profile i can’t find where to customize the layout. i really need that.
If you are a myspace user, an imeem lover or just wanna hear what my music sounds like head over to and check me out…

It’s a Work in progress

Imeem interface

Do you know about a good music sharing site that has the features i am looking for? Let me know in the comments.

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