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What Is Offie Reading?


What Offie is Reading this evening…

Blackness 101 – Newsweek Interview with Henry Louis Gates

A Deadly Dollar Habit
– The ’00s were a lost decade in which basically no jobs were created. The devastated middle class—the average consumer—can’t recover without a globally competitive economy.

Newest iPhone software re-jailbroken – who is the cat and who is the mouse?

Hulu’s Redheaded stepchild…hulu movies – the movie industry is holding out on hulu [untill they start charging]

Bill O’reilly the Noble Savage – more sensationalizing at the expense of haitians in the throes of B’ORE

Red Dogs Fall for the Same ol Tricks – Sarah Palin invokes the anti-intellectual rally cry of “Common Sense”. Apparently Running a Trillion dollar republic is as intuitive as steaming broccoli now a days.

Touchmouse – turns your iphone into a wifi mouse. handy!

Use M$ Remote Desktop for Remote Terminal Access – another way to access other computers over a network.
The Mysterious flame of Queen Loana - Umberto Eco

The Mysterius Flame of Queen Loana – Umberto Eco

The premise of Umberto Eco’s The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, may strike some readers as laughably unpromising, and others as breathtakingly rich. A sixty-ish Milanese antiquarian bookseller nicknamed Yambo suffers a stroke and loses his memory of everything but the words he has read: poems, scenes from novels, miscellaneous quotations. His wife Paola fills in the bare essentials of his family history, but in order to trigger original memories, Yambo retreats alone to his ancestral home at Solara, a large country house with an improbably intact collection of family papers, books, gramophone records, and photographs.

I picked this up last week, it was really speaking to me, ended up being $1.98 and i have been engrossed ever since.

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