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Whats Da Buzz About?


Google Ethos
google made an interesting addition to gmail, the e-mail app that we all know and love dearly. They added Buzz which looks promising to the social set looking for some nice improvements on the ubiquitous “status update”. Buzz does not limit the number of characters in the message, it’s HTML friendly, videos and pictures display inline and it already has 100 million users.

I don’t know about you but i always wanted e-mail to be more of a collaborative tool. Wave promised that collaboration but i think it will be slow on the uptake but come in handy where smart people work together. Buzz is taking the popularity of gmail and giving it in immediateness of twitter and Facebook. It has some simplified elements from Google reader that i like. When i first clicked on Buzz in my gmail i was skeptical that a significant amount of people would add this to their daily list of social obligations, per se. I really wanted to use it but i saw no activity for a while after i projected a few messages into the abyss.

The web app on my iphone still does not work nor has it ever. At first i thought it was from the traffic but it just doesn’t work. It just acts like it is loading for ever. It seems like this is the result of the Google wave beta. It’s basically the same product, slightly simplified and attached to a project that already is 100 million strong. Wave may become the enterprise version of Buzz and be released as such since the paid Google apps users have not received Buzz yet and are decrying their second class citizenship. Who knows what wave will be come. But Buzz is showing signs of life.

Alas when i checked my email and Buzz this evening there had been some activity and people talking and exploring the new service which is heartening that Buzz may an interesting experiment in information creation and gathering especially if buzz lets you turn search results, folders and the like into rss feeds. Kind of like a yahoo pipes except i wouldn’t have to use yahoo and it would be even better. Because pipes is a super powerful app and i’d use it a thousand times more if it were a google property.

I’ll be playing with it some more since i’m stuck in the house because of insane amounts of snow…

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  1. 02/11/2010 13:25

    You do know after this post, you’re going to have say your public profile url, right?

    • 02/11/2010 14:10


      anthony i think google buzz will be a good way to keep up with you.
      SO USE IT!

      • 02/11/2010 14:33

        The thing is, and you sort of implied this in your post, because Buzz is such a catch all of all other Google products, by using practically anything by Google, I’m using Buzz by default. I like the idea that more people are already seeing what I share on Google Reader, largely because of Buzz’s inherent infrastructure. So also will my blog or other already connected web activity get more play because of Buzz. Google has essentially created a social network that can be maintained thoughtlessly simply by doing what you’re already doing on through the Google-saturated internet.

      • 02/11/2010 18:50

        True. At first i felt like using Buzz would have to be a departure from my routine but damn, if it’s not right up in my gmail. Just give me a reason to go to gmail even MORE obsessively. haha. I think Buzz is definitely going to tie the Google-verse together, because Buzz allows me to add status updates from my activity on other Google properties; reader, youtube, picasa (and flickr and twitter which are not google properties). This almost makes me wish i had kept my blog on blogspot, and maybe i will figure out a secondary blog or some kind of mirror to put up there just to place the final brick in my personal google-opoly.

        but i am excited because this seems like a great place to have multimedia exchanges with more depth than twitter or facebook allows.

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