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What I’m Reading… The Today Edition.


Autocannibalism – Making someone eat their own flesh. Another Daily Occurrence in the Congo. Dear Rwanda, please do not go the way of Israel.

5 page article on how indie dosen’t really mean anything – i thought indie = tight pants. If you can go to the show and wear lycra-fit jeans it’s indie.

My Friend put some music on our website and i really like it. This is his profile

Bob Dylan’s Contribution to Civil Rights – He worked for the right.

Janelle Monae on PasteMag – She really is Amazing. Afro-Futurism as Social Commentary.

Despite constant criticism of the media – There remain little information about the relationship between the media, public opinion and public policy. Why do we all ignore our own obvious biases when it comes to media consumption, especially online where the amalgamation of news sites you visit can not be broken down into liberal media and conservative opinion.

Did you know Levar Burton wrote a book?

Apparently Kenyan daily newspapers are getting action like it’s 1944 – Dear America, It’s time to reinvest… yes, on both fronts…

Shaun White cultivates his Personal Brand – This guy is awesome. Pro skater and snowboarder this dude has been ripping for the longest. Reminds me of the Bronce Monster.


The Mysterious flame of Queen Loana - Umberto Eco

The Mysterius Flame of Queen Loana – Umberto Eco

The premise of Umberto Eco’s The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, may strike some readers as laughably unpromising, and others as breathtakingly rich. A sixty-ish Milanese antiquarian bookseller nicknamed Yambo suffers a stroke and loses his memory of everything but the words he has read: poems, scenes from novels, miscellaneous quotations. His wife Paola fills in the bare essentials of his family history, but in order to trigger original memories, Yambo retreats alone to his ancestral home at Solara, a large country house with an improbably intact collection of family papers, books, gramophone records, and photographs.

My Before Bedtime Story…

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