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I Know I Shouldn’t Have Left You


Without some dope posts to check, fool!

I know it’s been a while since i have last posted on “Reading Off the Page”.
Thats because a lot of interesting things happened to me in real life; i was working on a boat over the summer with living classrooms, a great and comprehensive Outdoor-Education Foundation. I met an incredible woman who has dedicated her life to volunteering and public service, sexy. And i landed a job in Marin County California at a prestigious private school teaching teachers how to integrate technology into their curriculum and work lives.
Welcome Back

This blog has always had a bit of my personal and professional flare. I focused on topics of interest to me, very often technology, culture and the intersection of both. I will not say i’m “re-dedicating” my blog but the focus will turn decidedly towards educational technology, education and learning theory, cool things to bring into the classroom, and anything else that catches my fancy.

I will be using social media as a sounding board and organizer for my ideas. I know that this job is going to require a lot of idea generation and revision. I am excited to create a professional network through social media and find link minded people in the Bay Area and beyond to share and support Ed.Tech initiatives.

Welcome to Reading off the Page. Again.

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