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Offie’s iPad iMpressions


Let me start this post by saying, I am a skeptic. I am skeptical of the claims of new technology to be the Next Big Thing. So when the iPad came out, as with most devices, i was with the haters. But for good reason…

My Theory of (most) Apple products:
I have to hold myself back from being the ultimate apple fan-boy; so i hate. I hate because i know how good Apple products are and i know that deep down i really really want “it”, even though I probably can’t afford “it”. This attitude started with the iPhone and culminated with the iPad. Both of which i have been converted to a believer.

The release of the iPad left me skeptical. A big iPhone or iPod Touch, no flash, no multitasking, it’s not a computer. The fact i refused to read e-books on my phone definitely did not have me convinced i would be reading them on my Pad. Well…

That was years ago as far as I’m concerned. Having the Pad for a little over 2 weeks, I knew it would be an awesome experience but i had no idea that it would blow my netbook out the water. It would have me feeling as productive without carrying around a netbook or 15″ MacBook Pro. I prefer the iPAd over my Asus Aspire 10″ netbook. I make fewer typing errors; the screen is much more visible, crisp and bright. The lack of multitasking means i can’t overload my iPad with many open items. On the netbook, two or 3 chrome windows and itunes is enough to make it slow down switching between apps and reduces the “Experience” of me being happy when i use it.

This is why Mr. Jobs limited the multitasking. He is an experience sculptor, he knows that you will leave EVERYTHING open on your phone, like you do on your apple computers, and you will be mad and full of spite against the product when it is YOU who is lessening the experience. Mr. Jobs knows how to make computers for people who don’t know how to use computers.

My hater-ation extended to the app store. I stayed away because i knew i would find apps that i loved. Spend $100 on 100 apps. With my iphone i was very disciplined in not spending money on apps. But now that my job reimburses me for apps that i am supposed to be testing i have been much more willing to dive in.

There are a few apps that have made my switch to the iPad buttery.
Evernote – evernot is an application that syncs “notes” and “notebooks” across all platforms where it’s installed. So naturally i installed it on every computer, phone and pad i have. Now i can multimedia notebooks than include links, synced, between all my devices. This is great considering the limited storage options of the ipad, and it’s free.

Infinote – a stick note app that lets you create multiple boards and put sticky notes on it. Simple. Effective.

Radiant HD – OMG this Galaga style shooter is FUN. This is the first game i ever put on my iphone. But it’s much much better on the iPad.

Wikipanion – Superfast and good looking wikipedia app. I find it to be much more useful than the “official” wikipedia app.

Wolfram Alpha – ever wondered what percentage of the earths circumference the distance from Baltimore to Cape Town, South Africa is? Or the molecular weight of 133 base pairs of DNA? You can ask Wolfram. Seriously.

Craigsfish– Really good looking craigslist browser. Shows thumbnail pictures next to listings as you browse

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