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Offies Tech Tips


My Boss came up with a decent idea to create a pod/screen/video cast that addresses common problems called “Offie’s Tech Tips”. She wanted the tips to be friendly reminders about things people regularly get stuck on, with or in. A common problem at my job is people complain their computers are running slow or there is some problem. Our school is an entire mac campus and macs are advertised as “easy” to use, but never have they deemed them user-error-proof. A common problem when using apples and at our school especially is that people do not quit programs. They very often close the window and assume the program has taken care of itself. When in reality that program is still lurking in the RAM somewhere eating up system resources.

I made this video to help people remember the difference between closing a window and quitting a program and the magical wonders of “cmd+tab” and “cmd+Q”.

For whatever it’s worth, enjoy.

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