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Weekly Wrap-up


StudiousThe week is winding down and here i am enjoying the last 75 minutes or so of the work week. I wanted to recap some things i made progress on this week. Every Monday the Academic Dean and myself sit down and we talk about what i accomplished the week before, a justify your paycheck kind of meeting except with laughs and smiles.

On Monday, Karen started talking about visiting schools with 1:1 laptop programs to talk to the administrators about their implementation, roadblocks and opportunities. She had in my two school, Sacred Heart in Atherton, CA and Castilleja in Palo Alto, CA. Unfortunately i didn’t create as much time as i should have earlier in the week, so i called Friday afternoon a little after lunch time, of course no one was there.

Boss-Lady also wanted me to contact the speaker from November Learning, an organization that sent Brian Mull to speak to our Board of Trustees and Department Heads about technology. I did a little stalking of Mr. Mull on linkedin as well as the NL social media site. I sent an e-mail explaining that we would like him to come in during the summer time and do some professional development regarding the tools he showed us and some others. I forwarded the proposal to Karen and Woody and that may be something we talk about on monday (i’ll tell you about monday subsequently)

Karen had a VERY ambitious idea about a professional development where teachers and students work together to learn different tools that we can use for school. It seemed like a pretty huge undertaking. I know it’s possible but getting the faculty to agree on the purpose and usefulness is going to be the daunting part. For the sake of my long term efficacy i know i can’t get scared that people won’t agree to give up their class time or whatever time easily, but it would be so much easier if they did.

I decided to call the event, Teaching Teachers Day and i came up with some survey questions to address and assess the student’s thoughts about what would be useful. My main assignment for this week was to create some kind of orienting questions for students to answer and give us some hints about where to move forward. Teaching Teachers will be a challenge.

Karen also really liked the first video/screencast i did about how to deal with out bluetooth pens for the digital whiteboards. She wanted me to start making weekly broadcasts for the students and faculty. We deemed this offie’s tech tips and the first installment can be seen here. It’s pretty basic. i think i will have different people doing the voice overs each time. She also thinks a weekly podcast with branson events and happenings would be something that super engaging to parents because they could hear kids voices and learn about what they are doing in the classroom, during clubs and on the field. But i have to get Samantha on board and that might be kind of slow in the going. We’ll see.

Other random things i accomplished this week…
i subbed for Rich’s statistics class, we talked about searching for data using google, clean vs crappy data and how to formulate questions based around data me collect

I also helped Kathy’s A block Marine Biology class create presentations, some students chose to use google earth/ocean for their whole presentations, which is going to look really cool, i want to stop in and see some of their presentations, especially the google ocean group.

Last but not the least pain in my ass, err joy of my life, is rolling out the new initiative of “One Pen, One Computer, One Teacher” . We are creating a 1:1 bluetooth whiteboard pen environment, ahaha. But yes, going from one whiteboard pen per class to one per person has begun and it’s my duty to see it through, yippee.

Also, i helped History Dept chain Steve, one of the most senior members of the faculty to start a ning social media site for his second term ethics class. That is really exciting, because Steve is a really smart and engaging teacher and person, being the object of his attention is a special treat of itself. But working with Steve and the ning site was exciting. Other teachers want to start social sites and i hope even MORE do after we get the Ethics ning site up and rolling.

And i got paid yesterday, happy day.
Is this what your week looks like an an Ed.Tech.Specialist?

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