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The HP Slate Missed the Point.


HP Slate
The Slate is missing out.

The HP slate has been touted in front of consumers for a longer time than the iPad has even been announced. The very first HP slate photos are NO different than the shots we are seeing of the device now. The specs sound enticing, atom z processor, 2 gb of ram and an Ed card slot. The slate was starting to sound promising, 14 months ago. But now, with the iPad getting stronger by the day, it’s strong and growing selections of apps and now the impending 4.2 ios release is going to rocket the adoption of the iPad across business structures; from non profits to fortune 500’s.

One of the most disappointing aspects of the HP slate is the lack of any innovation regarding touch in the operating system. It seems as if the software developers relied on the meager touch features in windows 7; including the onscreen keyboard. It seems like it took hp a whole year to install windows 7 on the slate.

HP totally missed the direction in which tablets are going and how companies have to innovate. They should gave been taking cues from the google android operating system and it’s huge success as a free operating system, the success of the proliferation of app store services, and how controlling the app store is a huge cash cow. If you have ever bought an hp you already know they do not do software well, at all, ever. In the age of blockbuster tablets (a.k.a the very near future) interfaces have to be customized for the platform making the most of the small specialized processors and the touch interface. Hp completed neither of these objectives.

I can’t imagine who would shop in an app store full of hp bloat ware.

By no means an I saying verizon’s or AT&T’s developers are not overstepping the tasteful boundaries of modification to include abysmal amount of bloatware on their hardware platforms and locking you into their traditionally walled off content.

in short HP totally missed the boat this tablet is much more like the orignal mid 90’s tablets. I am hopeful the Samsung tab will be an open platform that is extensible and connects with lots of different peripherals. Providing a wide open platform like windows is perfectly fine but if you are not adding value through interface innovation and application development your are not taking place in the tablet revolution.

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