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Flashcards and Quizlet


I have been playing with the Flashcard Deluxe app on my ipad recently. It’s a cool and fairly intuitive app that lets you add up to 5 “sides” to a flashcard which is incredibly cool. I also like the fact that you can download sets of premade cards from I am spending a couple hours really testing this out today because i think our students could benefit from a flashcard app especially with all of their anxiety about standardized tests. Using the pad and flashcards deluxe could relieve some of that anxiety. It looks like a robust program in conjunction with quizlets.
it provided the “embed” code” as if you could embed their games into your own website, the url even says embed. But i will leave these up here because i still like the games. The first is a link to spanish I vocabulary and the second is a game called “Scatter” where you match images with their descriptions regarding the French Renaissance.

Pretty Cool. I know we will be able to integrate this into our “educational ecosystem”and use them with the iPads. Comment and let me know how you would utilize this site or any other cool flashcard web applications.

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