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Introduction to iPad Apps


As part of our iPad rollout, educators at our school have the opportunity to take iPads home for the summer before we receive our pads and laptops for the upcoming school year. To help dispel some of the techno-paralysis; you know the “WTF do i do with this thing” look, I created a quick list to get people started with iOS and iPad apps that are useful and functional and good-looking. I wanted to give our new iPad adopters a little kickstart to their summer usage.

A lot of technology trainers and professional development people skip the part where people (especially self proclaimed ‘luddites’) have to use the technology as if it were theirs before they can even think about what to do with it for work. I have been emphasizing that point ad infinitum. I want them to take this iPad home and use it as if it were theirs, read books, look at dumb youtube videos, plan your vacation with the kayak app. All of these things will increase their familiarity, just do SOMETHING.

Of course i don’t call their youtube videos dumb, but c’mon lolcatz?

Check my list and see if there are any apps that you would reccomend or prefer for iOS/iPAd newbies.

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