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Art Appreciation


The question of the day is 

Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?

And to me the answer is obvious. You do not need to AGREE with an artist but you do need to understand that art is not made in a vacuum and there are external factors that affect artists and their creations. To appreciate art you need to be able to appreciate the person i na sense. Art worth spending money on is created in a social/political/existential moment and is an extension of that moment by it’s facility as a document. A piece of art, at it’s maximum, is a testament to a moment in the life of an artist. To appreciate something and to agree with it are two different actions and you can appreciate an artist, their skill, technically and conceptually. You may appreciate the way in which the artists conveys a commentary, it may be skillful and deft, original and sharp but you may not agree with the topic or even the style of conceptual conveyance. To appreciate, you don’t have to like whats being “said” but you sure do need to like the way it’s being said. This happens in music all the time, we all listen to music we don’t agree with, we even spend money on that music, learn the words and everything. But for some reason the ability to appreciate this in art makes us, as humans, feel deep. I’ll leave it at that. 

By the way, i really like these artists (super short list).

Retna, Gaia, ROA, dickchicken, Conor Harrington,

Real Short List. But do your homework kids! 

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