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My name is Offie Clark, I’m a 25 Year old Graduate of Morehouse College. Semi-recently i moved back to Maryland, my home state and  decided to pursure a career in education. I am interested in getting a masters degree in Educational Technology or Learning systems Design. I have worked as a graphic designer, photographer, barista, janitor, retail whipping boy and i get my hustle on I’m currently pursuing opportunities substitute teaching; hopefully leading to a full time teaching position.

This blog is me, writing; i like to write about business and technology as well as innovative ideas and creative people across the board. I should have called this Offie’s Innovation Blog, maybe i will in the future. I also created a social media site called fly.paper that is my outlet for my creative ventures, writing, music, photos and design work. I also am working on iskatemd which is a site and skate squad to promote skating in maryland and the east coast.

Keep an eye on Off the page, we’ll be uncovering some great nuggets of information, make this a daily stop in your travels across the internets.

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  1. aestar101 permalink
    02/11/2010 18:06

    Nice blog. I’m following your blog.

  2. 02/11/2010 18:10

    Thanks I’m glad my “voice” speaks to you.

  3. aestar101 permalink
    02/11/2010 18:13

    Your welcome

  4. 09/21/2010 00:36

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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